Working Out…I Can Do It!

Here is my first workout session that I recommend. I’m in Trimester 2 and I’m still comfortably doing it three times per week!

Always make sure that you warm up.


I’ve never been a true distance runner, I’m more of an interval sort of runner so I never intended to cover long distance with my growing bump but for those of you that are regular distance runners, it is safe to keep up your routine but you’ll need to slow it down a little as you’ll find that your heart rate increases far more quickly than it did previously so you’ll get more out of breath and tire more quickly so you’ll need to adapt what you are doing to work with that.

One thing I have started to do more of is alternate between jogging and walking uphill. The added incline is fantastic bum and thigh toner and it really does get your heart rate up. Aim to get the incline up to around 5% initially at a speed that just challenges you to maintain a fast walk. So a good cardio programme would be:

1 min jog

2 minutes uphill walk

You could repeat this as many times as possible for 15-20 minutes

Cardio-Cross trainer:

 The great thing about the cross trainer is that it is really low impact so as you get bigger you won’t feel like you are thumping down instead, you can continue to glide gracefully! I recommend that you start with just a continuous level for 15-20 mins in order to get used to the movement. Some people find it kind of weird but once you get the hang of it, it’s a great little calorie burner!


 15-20 squats x 3 sets– make sure your feet are hip width apart, your shoulders are back, your chest is up and sit back as if you were sitting on a chair putting the focus of weight into your heels. Then used your thighs and your bum to lift you back up. If these are too easy you can add a weighted bar to your shoulders or hold dumb bells but remember, you have 3 sets to get through!

10-15 lunges on each leg x 2-3 sets–  make sure that both knees are at a 90 degree ankle, you do not want to come forward on that front knee, you want to drop down. Again, add weights if you want to

10-15 biceps curls x 2-3 sets– use 2-4 kgs or up to 6 if you are a regular weight trainer

10-15 shoulder raises x 2-3 sets– this is a challenging exercise so take the weight right down!

10-15 Abdominal hollowing x 3 sets– in all fours position, alternate between controlled tucking in of the tummy and rounding of the shoulders followed by raising back up and reaching your chin to the skin and dipping your back right back down.

Phew, the hard work is over, you now need to head onto the bike or another low impact machine to get your heart rate steadily down. Then you can find a quiet place and stretch out those hard-working muscles!

I hope that you enjoy the workout as much as I do and I’ll keep posting new updates!!

By abbiholland

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