27 Weeks and Feeling It!

Hi guys, so I’ve reached a ripe old 27 weeks so trimester three is starting in just a few days. Whilst getting the nursery ship-shape, I’ve also been really cutting back the intensity of my workouts but still making sure that I keep healthy and happy!

By now, the tiredness tends to kick in for most and even the most active of us (myself included) need to factor rest into our schedules! So I’ve taken up swimming more than the usual cardio machines as it is a fantastic way to keep working the heart and lungs whilst taking the pressure off of the legs and hips. Throughout pregnancy your centre of gravity changes and as your weight becomes more centred, your legs get tired and achy. Unfortunately for many women, varicose veins is something that plights you during pregnancy. It is unsightly and painful but it is important to strike the right balance between keeping active and resting the legs. Neither in extremes help, both in moderation do!

So, what exercise am I doing now? Well I’m still mixing up cardio and resistance. But I’ve lightened my weights and am using a max of 3 kilos. I’m no longer raising my arms above my head to ensure that my heart rate doesn’t go too high or that I become light-headed or dizzy. I’m taking regular breaks and drinking lots of fluids and I’ve stopped running.

Instead, I’m walking uphill at a steady but comfortable pace that increases my breathing rate but does not prevent me from having a comfortable conversation! I’m still using the cross-trainer but I’m not staying on it for more than 15 minutes. I’m using the stationery recumbent (that is the more horizontal version) bike. I’m limiting my cardio to 40 minutes at the very very most but generally more like 30 minutes with breaks when necessary. I’m staying very well hydrated and making sure that I keep drinking after the end of my workout too.

I’m still keeping lunges and squats as paramount parts of my workout and I’m making sure that I work my back with bent over rows and seated row in the weights area. Women are prone to lordosis (curvature of the spine) during pregnancy as a result of the baby bump and keeping your back strong helps to avoid this becoming a problem.

Although I do feel more tired than usual I know that by keeping active I am actually reducing the amount of tiredness that I feel and I’m keeping my heart, lungs and muscles strong as I prepare for d day!

Keep up the good work guys!

By abbiholland

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